The best ways to control your Philips Hue lights when you’re far from home

Whether you simply failed to remember to end up the lights before you left home or, for protection reasons, you want to make it look like your uninhabited house is occupied, you could control your Philips Hue lights setup whilst you’re away from your home.


If you ‘d like to add a Philips Color established to your home, I would certainly recommend going with one of the starter packages since it includes the necessary Home Kit enabled Philips Color bridge.


There are 2 approaches for remote control: the Philips Color app and also Apple’s Home Kit.
Let’s have a look at ways to set up both approaches!


How you can set up remote accessibility with the Philips Hue app


By logging into the Philips Hue application with your Philips Hue account, you could make use of the Philips Color bridge to regulate your lights while you’re far from home and also established location-based triggers to switch on the lights when you home and turn them off when you leave.


  • Press Explore.
  • Press Log in to My Hue.
  • Press Log in.
  • Enter your Philips Hue account information press Log in.
  • Tap yes to show you trust the Philips Hue application.
  • The application will certainly indicate you’re logged in.


The best ways to set up remote accessibility with HomeKit and the Home application.


Utilizing HomeKit to regulate your Philips Hue setup while you’re far from home actually indicates making use of a so-called Home Hub to regulate your devices. A 4th generation Apple TV as well as an iPad could both function as a House Hue- they take in the commands you determine while you’re away and also connect that information to the devices on your home network.


How to make your Apple Television a Home Hub


  • Open Setups on your Apple TV.
  • Scroll down and click to open up Accounts.
  • Ensure you’re logged in with your Apple ID
  • Click to open iCloud.
  • Scroll down to HomeKit and check to see if is Connected.
  • Click to attach if the HomeKit setup checks out Not Linked.


Ways to make your iPad a Home Hub


  • Launch Settings on your iPad.
  • Scroll down and also tap Home.
  • Press the switch to allow Use this iPad as a Home Hub.


If you have difficulty getting your home hub set up, head here for some troubleshooting suggestions:

When you have actually got your Home Hub prepared up, it’s as simple as introducing the Home app or talking with Siri to regulate your Philips Hue lights! Your commands will certainly make their way to the iPad or Apple television you’ve got at home and it’ll inform the Philips Hue bridge what you wish to make happen. The bridge will take those commands the range (to your lights) and BOOM!- your living-room lights have actually been switched off while you’re away from home.