Smart Light bulbs that work with Amazon’s Alexa Echo

What’s cooler compared to turning on your lights with your smart device? Switching on your lights hands cost-free, using simply your voice. Smart lights control is one of the most effective attributes that Alexa, Amazon cloud-based electronic aide, has to use. Fortunately, the obstacle to entry into the home of the future is extremely reduced. We’ll show you everything you need to have the ability to do appreciate this wonderful convenience.

First up, you’ll require an Alexa-compatible device. Amazon offers several: The Echo Dot is the least expensive at just $50, and it’s the one we advise for the majority of people. You could additionally summon Alexa from some Fire TV tools, including the 4K Fire TV. Amazon likewise enables third-party makers to touch right into its Alexa Voice Service with their very own gadgets.

Whether you’re coming via the door with an armload of grocery stores or are stunned by a bump in the night, the ability to claim “Alexa, activate the lights” to banish the darkness is a fantastic thing. Here are some of the smart light bulbs that make that possible.

Cree, Inc. Connected Soft White

Cree Connected: It may not be the most beautiful bulb in the package, yet Cree’s Connected LED casts extremely also soft-white light as well as has actually outlived the since-discontinued GE Web link Connected LED light bulb that we compared it to last year. This is a ZigBee bulb and also consequently relies upon a hub to connect to your router as well as to Alexa.


General Electric Link Connected LED Light Bulb

GE link: GE is among the earliest names in lights, but the firm is still discovering its area in the brand-new world of consumer LEDs. GE has given that terminated its line of Link light bulbs with ZigBee radios, however, you could still locate them in stock at Amazon and also elsewhere.

GE presented a brand-new line of LED light bulbs- C by GE- that have Bluetooth radios, yet these cannot be integrated with Alexa right now. The company is, however, dealing with a fascinating connected table light that will be Alexa suitable.

Insteon A19 dimmable LED (model 2672-222).

Insteon Dimmable LED Light Bulbs: Insteon has actually been in the smart home business for a long time utilizing their own dual-band networking protocol (commands travel via both radio waves as well as over power lines for redundancy). Insteon has 2 bulbs that can be gotten in touch with Alexa through an Insteon hub. There’s an A19-style light bulb that creates 737 lumens (simply reluctant of a 60-watt equivalent) and also a PAR38-style for usage in recessed lighting cans. Both versions are dimmable.

Ledvance Lightify RGBW A19.

Ledvance Lightify: These bulbs have actually embedded ZigBee radios as well as require an entrance to connect with Alexa.


LIFX White 800.

LIFX White 800: LIFX’s distinctive-looking light bulbs are readily available in tunable white and also tunable color, and in 2 form factors: A19 as well as BR30 for usage in ceiling containers (the BR represents protruded reflector). These bulbs connect straight to your Wi-Fi router and for that reason do not need a bridge or portal.


LIFX Color 1000.

LIFX Color 1000: LIFX likewise supplies color light bulbs in both A19 as well as BR30 form factors. Like its white smart bulbs, these LEDs are outfitted with Wi-Fi adapters so and also can connect directly with Alexa using your Wi-Fi router.

Philips Hue White Ambiance A19 Starter Kit.

Philips Hue: This is probably the most widely known smart bulb lineup on the market. It’s readily available in color and also white LED designs, in addition to in light-strip kind. Being furnished with ZigBee radios, Philips’ light bulbs need a bridge that must be hardwired to your router to get in touch with Alexa as well as your mobile phone.


Philips Lights Hue White and also Color Ambiance A19 Light Bulb Beginner Kit (Hub and 4 bulbs).

Hue bulbs are offered in a variety of various other type aspects too, consisting of BR30 as well as A19 (white only).

Philips Hue Lightstrip Plus.

Philips Hue Lightstrip Plus: Light bulbs aren’t the only means to brighten a room. LEDs installed to flexible strips are a very easy means to include colorful accent light to a room, path lights to a corridor, or to promptly include under-cabinet lighting in the cooking area. You could also reduce them to whatever length you need.

TP-Link Smart Wi-Fi Dimmable LED (LB120).

TP-Link Smart Wi-Fi series: Best-known for creating routers, TP-Link has actually delved into the smart lighting market with three products. As the series’ name indicates, these A19-style light bulbs connect straight to your Wi-Fi router and also consequently don’t need a hub to also connect to Alexa.


TP-Link LB130 Smart Wi-Fi Light Bulb.

We reviewed the color LB130 as well as discovered it to be dimmer compared to its LIFX competitor, while the white-only LB120 was unacceptably dim, regardless of the firm’s case of 800 lumens.