Before starting off, pin this, that this isn’t your regular LED bulb. You cannot fix their back in a socket and light your room up, instead it something more than your imagination. Adding smart to it doesn’t make it something supernatural, but offers you a money-saving and eco-friendly environment.

Smart Lighting Bulbs have fundamentally changed the way of living of a common man. With its smart connection with appliances, phone, and tabs, the dream of controlling every single aspect of our homes with a virtual butler is fast becoming reality. It is offering a capability to open to up to many possibilities with just a tap on your phone. Following are the reasons that make you run for the purchase of Smart Bulbs:

They can be controlled from ANYWHERE:

As the name speaks for the product, Smart Bulbs, such as the Belkin WeMo LED and GE Link Bulbs, allows you to schedule its features, providing a keep control over lights when you aren’t home. A perfect solution to your home security problems when you are on vacations. It also means you can come home to a lit house without leaving your lights on and wasting electricity. Most light brands offer a hub that can sync all of your lights together so you can control all of them with one app.

They change colors:

How will a range of 16 million different colors affect your environment? If you want to warm up your room, turn the light of the color to golden. Do you want to cool down the environment? Turn the light down to blue color. During the ongoing party, match the color of the smart bulb with your selected theme. Who wouldn’t love a red and green light for Christmas, green for Kwanzaa or blue for Hanukkah? Hate your wall color? Change it without painting by adding a little blue, yellow or red hue with a low-intensity setting to your everyday lighting. Select the exact color you want by tapping to the selection in the app.

Control Smart Bulbs with your Voice:

This will probably the major reason why you will love smart bulbs and that is your control to all the bulbs with your voice. Pair it with the Amazon Echo, Google Home or Apple’s Home Kit, you can be like Captain Kirk and simply tell your virtual assistant of choice to turn your lights on or off.

It helps you sleep and wake up:

The cruel isn’t letting you sleep at night? Who knew that the world would be so advanced that now bulbs are making you sleep and wake you up in the morning. With the feature that mostly Smart Bulbs have, you can specify and alter the temperature of color or the intensity of your lights. You can simulate anything, from a calming candlelight to a warm incandescent, to an overcast sky with passing clouds. Its light settings help suppress your melatonin levels during the day and increase melatonin as you get near bedtime. Lighting Science is another bulb that emits soothing light that doesn’t interrupt your natural circadian rhythm.