How Long Do Philips Hue Bulbs Last?

We’ve discussed this in a few of our posts but I assume it is a crucial talking- in this post we are most likely to cover a vital question… For how long do Philips Hue Bulbs Last? If you are looking at a Hue system you are most likely taking into consideration spending hundreds (or perhaps thousands) of bucks on a lights setup and also must know for how long you are acquiring it most likely going to last.


The official consensus is that Philips Hue bulbs last for about 15000 hrs. If you leave a light on for an average of 6 hrs a day, that involves around 6-7 years. If you just leave it on for 3 hours a day, that increases it to 12-14 years.


I would certainly bet in a decade you have changed something up including your home setup, lighting changes, or something else that would come long prior to a Hue bulb would certainly need to be replaced.


Exactly how does this Compare to other Light Bulbs?


To compare we are most likely to compare the cost. incandescent light bulbs last around 1,000 hrs reported online. With going with a Philips Hue bulb you gain a lot of longevity– something to think about when you are questioning “Just how long do Philips Hue Bulbs Last?”.


The other side to this is when we check out various other LED bulbs- they could last anywhere from 10,000 hrs and longer. They are additionally much less expensive. Although the life-span of a Hue Bulb is remarkable it is absolutely nothing that is that incredible.


What Are You Paying For With The Philips Color Bulbs?


With the Philips Hue Bulbs you are spending for the Smart Home functions… as well as no so much for anything else. You are paying for the capability to have them change color (the white-only version are only around half the cost at the time of writing this).


The Hue bulbs could sync with every one of the smart hubs, many compatible applications, sync with your TV, and a great deal more points like giving personalized light programs. So remember, when buying these bulbs you are paying for a lot more than simply a “light bulb” as well as you cannot truly contrast it to a normal light bulb. It’s a completely different item that belongs to an impressive smart home set up.


If you’re still not curious about Philips Hue Bulbs… take a look at our article on Philips Hue Alternatives. Additionally, if you want to proceed with a Philips Hue set up, have a look at the next action and getting a Philips Hue Bridge to unlock the complete potential of the Hue set up.


Summing It All Up


Overall the Philips Hue Bulbs last quite a while– longer compared to most Smart Home Bulbs. If you’re considering picking them up- chances are that they will last a lot longer than you will certainly be in your present house. If anything I’d bet you move or quit using the smart lights in your house before they burn out.


Philips Hue Bulbs are fairly pricey, however, they will additionally last a very long time. It really only comes out to a few bucks a year per bulb if you balance the price out over their lifetime.