Using LED bulbs saves you money by saving up to 80% more energy than other bulbs. LED bulbs produce less heat than CFL bulbs and incandescent bulbs. At present, with new technology, LEDs have a temperature range from “warm white” to “cool white” so that you can easily replace your existing light bulb without changing the color of the base. The light from the LED bulb also provides a higher color rendering index (CRI), so you can see the colors from the artwork or when you make makeup more accurate.

LEDs more efficient! Regarding energy saving level, LED bulbs pass CFL bulbs. The LEDs glow instantly without warming up. They work well in cold weather and are more durable when made from plastic instead of glass. LED bulbs can easily replace fluorescent lamps with longer shelf life and use less energy. On the other hand, LEDs are RoHS compliant and do not use mercury, a big plus that fluorescent bulbs do not have.

Benefits of LEDs compared with incandescent and fluorescent illuminating devices, include:

 Low power consumption: 40% to 80% more efficient than conventional solutions and most types can be operated with battery power supplies. Saving up to 90% energy, LED lighting is the next step in light bulb technology.

 High efficiency: Most of the power supplied to an LED or IRED is converted into radiation in the desired form, with minimal heat production. Lighting for the home represents the perfect blend of the necessary and the nice. It helps us see in the dark, but is about so much more than that. It can create ambiance and set a mood, it can
highlight a space to make it the best version of itself and as a product, it’s an accent that can make a statement.

 Long life: When properly installed, an LED or IRED can function 5 to 50 times more than conventional solutions. In stunning contemporary designs, they’re sustainable and stylish, with an average 25,000-hour lifespan

 Light in weight: Smaller Form factor – Compact Solution

 Integrated solution: Integrated LEDs come available as ceiling lights, spotlights, wall lights, table and floor lamps, delivering a crisp white light with little heat. Alternatively, select strip or line LED lights to decorate your home in illumination

 Flicker Free performance: Operates on wide voltage range and during high voltage surges

 User-Friendly: They can be turned on and off in very less time.

 Nontoxic materials: Do not contain Mercury and gases (no CO2 emission)

 Color Emission: Emits colors such as red, green, blue, violet + shades of white

 No Heat Emission: Does not heat the lighted object and in turn is good for paintings, fabrics

 No UV radiation: No discoloration on the lighted object – paintings, fabrics

 Directional Lighting: Inherent ability to create and distribute only what is required eg: accent lighting, cove lighting

 Easy installations: Improved fixture efficiencies – due to more efficient light source + directional light